Stators reinforced by thread inlays for Progressing Cavity Pumps

The most efficient and sustainable stator for progressing cavity pumps

Stator reinforced by thread inlays


without any outer shell for support

Patented technology – unique design – without supporting outer shell (steel pipe) – proven thread-elastomer composite technology – flange ends moulded on both stator ends – adjustable – retrofittable – sustainable – maximum cost-benefit factor

Modular stator concept

Modulares Statorkonzept

for multistage pumps

Single and two-stage stators can be assembled to a 2-, 3-, n-stages with e.g. different preloads.

Encapsulated stator


Encapsulated stator

maintenance-free control of stator preload

Stators can be equipped with heating, cooling or pressure jacket optionally, which increases the range of applications. Additionally prolonging of lifecycle time by controlling the rotor preload maintenancefree by hydraulik system.

Progressing cavity pump with conventional tube stator